Sundays with Patriot Street Fighter Scott Mckay #Google Exposed – 3/7/21

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13 thoughts on “Sundays with Patriot Street Fighter Scott Mckay #Google Exposed – 3/7/21

  1. Cant get it. Buffering forever and then it says media not supported. I’ll try to pull it up on other sites. Hopefully one of them will work tonight. I’ve had it with the DS playing games with internet.

  2. The video didn’t play when live, wasn’t even an option. Watched several hours later, whole show was frozen, words every few seconds or longer…took me over 2 hours to listen to!
    Otherwise great show! Always love listening to both of you! 🇺🇸

    Wish you could get this channel to be used everyday so you can talk freely & somehow get a chat added to it, plus notifications when live. I can’t get into periscope and it’s gone at the end of the month anyways!

    Thank You ❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸

  3. Hey girl 😊I tryed you on my fire tv your black out an a heck of a lot of buffering. Went to my phone to see if it was better. Sorry to say it buffs so bad .I really want to hear it instead of ever 4 sec pause .Guess the net dont want you up .Wish I could of given you better report .God bless sweetie

  4. I enjoy watching your videos Cirsten! On a scale of 1-10 I will sadly have to give inked a 1! I tried to watch live yesterday but was clueless as to how to find you. Now Monday, I’ve created my account, found you but it’s glitchy! Maybe I’ll still find a way to follow you here but so far I haven’t! I feel I’ll lose contact with you here as I’ve lost others that took other routes for their lives. Btw can’t use twitter to follow you! I am part of the silenced group!

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