Massive Police Around the Capital =Gene Decode #33 White House

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3 thoughts on “Massive Police Around the Capital =Gene Decode #33 White House

  1. Hi Cirsten,
    I have tried to send the following email to GeneCode but heard you wrong on his address, so it bounced back.

    Pls send GeneCode’s Email by responding to this chat:

    There are indications that there is Alien underwater activity in Lago Titica … It only makes sense since Tiwanaku is considered a cradle of the DNA genetic experimentions to create the Human Race.

    You mentioned in a previous Genecode# a DUMB near Sucre or Potosi.. Please send me more info since I live in Bolivia & I am trying to awaken people here of the Child Trafficking with my Facebook Blog: @SOSBOLIVIA PROTECT

    Steve Rosholt

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