Interview with #Pat​ #StreetFighter​ on China entering Taiwan

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13 thoughts on “Interview with #Pat​ #StreetFighter​ on China entering Taiwan

  1. Finally made the move from Youtube to watch you here. I’ll share with you I was hesitant because I didn’t want to set up another social site but I was missing your current info as watching you is part of my morning ritual. I’ll give this inkdsocial a shot. Keep spreading the real news and inspiring us Patriots and those who love the Lord. Glad to see you pairing up with Scott McKay the ultimate Patriot Street Fighter. Love him too!

  2. hello! i love this site. not too hard to figure out! love seeing your face with your guests!
    sooo… Scotts you tube has been terminated. will you post the video from the 28th please? asap? i have been sharing and now its gone.. its wonderful to wake people up with your stuff .. fyi, I just say I think you should see how crazy this chick is… ! lol… hope to see it soon

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