Interview with George Nassif, Trump’s New Patriot Party

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16 thoughts on “Interview with George Nassif, Trump’s New Patriot Party

  1. Great show!
    I’m hoping I can catch it live Wednesday the 27th on this new platform.
    The site isn’t iPhone friendly and wouldn’t play this video past 10 minutes. I never can catch you live on this new platform on my iPhone, hoping it will work on the iPad in the morning.
    I have lots of glitches with this site on my iPhone 7, and am lucky if the video from the current day will even show up for a day or two. Never live! 😢.
    Thank You

  2. HaHaHa !! – Yes place plate, cups, placemats etc of Our President Trump with “The Storm for you for the rest of your life, Enjoy & The Best is Yet to Come for the Patriots = We The People !!

  3. 🛠🧨CW. For sec purposes tele number given out is not good for geo. The last 5:50s – can you edit out.

    Enjoyed everything but nearly gave me a heart attack for tele conf w Tori plus you2.

    How does a person get a hold of you outside Ink’d or etc? See my registration email/ plz write.

    God bless you.

  4. Hi Cirsten, I just sent you a quick message. Please let George Nasif know it was Timothy Charles Holmseth on Telegram who apparently took his info and posted it! He revealed himself on Telegram. Also was asking for $$ to donate to Cash App or BTC$$. Good luck to George to get to the bottom of this.

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