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3 thoughts on “Interview with Brad of Triumph News Network Headline News

  1. Cirsten, liked your video with Brad. Heard you make a comment about AIDS. I know there’s a lot of info out there about it. And I’ve listened to a lot of it. Don’t know if you believe in the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. But here’s a great video by Dr. Willner from 1994 about it all. He spoke out against the hypothesis. Said HIV does not cause AIDS. He was dead several months later. Draw your own conclusions. You do a great job giving info from what I’ve seen. Thanks. -Dallas

    1. Btw, I personally do not believe hiv causes AIDS, especially since hiv was never proven to cause it. Supported by scientists such as Peter Duesberg, Kary Mullis, Christian Fiala, Stephen Lanka. And many other professionals whose voices were and have been silenced.

  2. I believe AIDS and breakdown of the body is caused by drugs and/or diseases such as TB, malaria, etc. Not hiv, an unproven “virus.” Fauci’s (among others’) objectives in promulgating hiv and continuing the narrative is and very much have been malevolent ones aimed at making money (i.e. selling hiv meds) and lying to the world. And Kary Mullis, Nobel 1993, was very much aware of Fauci’s malevolence and ineptitude.

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