INKDSOCIAL.NET is merging with

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INKDSOCIAL.NET is Merging with


Well, the time has finally come to pass the batton, so to speak,  to one of the Conservative Social Media Networks, who wish to continue what we started in August of 2018, as

As InkdSocial, in its entirity, has been acquired by one of its original partners and  it has been decided to move the entire social media network to another conservative platform, which has been opened since early 2018.


Founded in 2018 as Right Social, which was initially a concept that was catered to a more conservative audience.  The site grew through at least two versions since its founding. In summer of 2020, it was decided to change the name of the growing social media platform to Ink’d Social.

Current Status

Purchased in August of 2021 by one of the original partners who co-created, it is now moving to another conservative platform .    YackNow has been growing steadily and has more members and more features.

Please go to and create your account.  There is also a group for Ink’d members so you can make sure to find your friends from here.